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Panchakarma Detox:


 Panchakarma literally means "five therapeutic procedures" to purify the Mind/Body.

It is a series of steps performed typically for 7-10 days/21 days, tailored to your unique body constitution. 

 It involves three stages - Purva Karma, Pradhan Karma and Paschat Karma.


 Stage 1 - Purva Karma:


The main focus is to loosen the toxins from various bodily tissues and mobilise it towards the digestive system.


Purva Karma begins with:


  • Abhyanga, full body massage with medicated oils.Ghee is also taken internally. The massage oil and oral ghee help to loosen all toxins within the seven layers of tissues of our body.

  • Shirodhara-Warm sesame oil streamed across the forehead - profoundly calming.

  • Nasya-Herbal oil nasal drops proceded by and followed with a facial massage. An important step in removing toxins from the tissues above the neck

  • Swedana-A therapeutic application of heat/steam to different parts of the body.

  • Nourishing oil and cleansing herbal tea


Stage 2 - Pradhan Karma:


The main phase, consists of the five purification procedures. Panchakarma, literally meaning five purification procedures.These are intended to flush the toxins accumulated in the digestive system out of the body.


  1. Vamana - Medicated Emesis

  2. Virechana - Medicated Purgation/laxative

  3. Basti - Medicated Enemas

  4. Nasya - Medicated Nasal Drops

  5. Rakta mokshan - Blood Letting


 Virechan is performed with herbs and/or castor oil, Nasya with herb powders,oils or ghee.These procedures flush all toxins out of the body and detoxify it.

Stage 3 - Paschat Karma:


It involves restoration of digestive functions and rejuvenation of tissues. This stage is designed to nourish, strengthen, and balance the newly detoxified tissues. The aim is to establish increased energy levels, strengthen the immune system and increase longevity. This is accomplished by taking strengthening herbs for a month.

Ideal time for a panchakarma programme :


 Spring and Autumn

 Change of seasons

 Kindly get in touch and we will design an appropriate panchkarma home cleanse programme suitable to your constitution and health needs .We recommend you to book a consultation to dicuss on a panchakarma programme.

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