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  • I have been a client of Shree Ayurveda and Dr. Madhuri Sant for the last 6 years and have found her professionalism always exemplary. Her thorough approach to patient care has now also been applied to all the steps required to keep clients safe in a Covid-19 environment.The safety measures that are now put in place (please see the Health & Safety policy) are excellent and don't take away from the quality of the treatments. I highly recommend Shree Ayurveda and their Panchakarma treatments - in particular in these crazy times - most relaxing and safe!  ***Vera Toal, Dublin

  • The whole life catered for in the panchkarma provided by Madhuri is most welcome in   this world.Where Trust in Health is Hard Found.To be facilitated in a living way to overcome being stuck,lethargy,fatigue,exhaustion with different degrees of pain is how health  needs to be addressed for true recovery  and not just be to medicated.The personal touches Madhuri imparts is insightful and wholesome with her sense of             humour which is most comforting.If a person is stuck and or struggling with their life,panchkarma clears the fog of fiction in the mind ,body and spirit to reveal the clarity of your life, to find your way.I recommend it to the weary.********Thomas Grufferty, 

  • I had a chronic ear infection for a while and I love to swim as part of my lifestyle, but both together did not travel well and I had to take lots of antibiotics frequently.Finally I came into contact with Madhuri who told me, that the process would take a while but  finally be successful.She gave me the right treatment and very good advise how to  behave with swimming in general, all easy to understand.It took a while but meanwhile I did not have any ear infection for the last 8 months  and I m swimming again regularly!!! Thank you,Madhuri.*********Wolfgang Moerig, Dublin 4

  • I had a wonderful time at your workshops.I have learnt a lot over the days and look forward to doing more.I am more confident too now. Madhuri helped change my digestion problem that I have had for many years.I am happier,healthy and I'll keep following her suggestions. Thank you Madhuri !!****Kalindi Lawrence,Enniskerry.

  • I have been to many workshops and also therapy sessions for my jaw problem. Dr. Sant is highly knowledgeable and steeped in culture & tradition of                                   Ayurveda.Her work is thorough,interesting,informed and professional,manner         warm and friendly.Her therapies were effective,successfully reduced my               discomfort and nerve imbalance. I found the Thali workshop very interesting.Though I have prepared Indian food for the last 40 yrs.I learned many things from Madhuri that I didn't know and appreciated learning how to balance the 6 tastes (shad rasas)when preparing a meal.Excellent course!!! First Class!!!*****Drew Lawrence-World renowned astrologer and writer,Enniskerry


  • Thank you so much for the wonderful two-day workshop.Thoroughly enjoyed it.I      learnt so much got actively involved in the preparation and cooking .Really liked your way of teaching and the meal at the end was amazing.I would love to come back again!!- *********Miriam Traynor, DunLaoghaire.


  •  I suffered from severe shoulder pain and had severe pain radiating towards my arm  and fingers.I also had numbness in my fingers occasionally.I wasn't able to lift up  heavy objects and the pain went on increasing for over a period of time.My GP  prescribed steroids and also recommended Physiotherapy sessions.I tried  everything,but with very little success.I had severe bowel problems due to  steroids,and finally wanted to stop western medication .I was not able to sleep  well,and finally I met Madhuri at a workshop.After I had a proper consultation with  her,she recommended a few herbalmedicines,also had to undergo series of massage  sessions.I could not believe the magic.The pain has gone altogether and I sleep well.The massage sessions helped a lot.Thank you so much Madhuri !! I am able to do all my work efficiently and would certainly recommend Ayurveda.*******Theresa,Dublin



  • I really enjoyed the day ,learnt so much about immune boosting foods.You explained everything so well & made recipes appear so simple ,easy to make.The feast at the end was very tasty ,satisfying. Thank you.*******Miriam



  • I am pleased to recommend Ayurveda and Dr Madhuri Sant as a natural path to health.
    In my own case, I had nerve pain caused by a damaged disc in my neck,after a series of treatments with Madhuri,I am happy to say I am leading a pain free life and continue to look to Ayurveda for natural remedies.****Bernard Reilly,Dublin


  • I really enjoyed learning cooking today.I will be able to have the tools to make a new start in my cooking. Thank you for having the patience to explain things.Also you make the recipes look so simple and your way of explaining things is just fantastic.******



  • I had a problem with my sleep for the last couple of months..I would wake up many times during the night.I consulted Madhuri,had a series of Shirodhara treatments with her.I have improved a lot,I nearly sleep every single day now..Thanks Madhuri



  • The cooking workshop was very informative and helpful for the uninitiated. Madhuri's welcoming and pleasant nature incorporates her masterful teaching method in a comfortable setting done with ease.A tasteful delight for the body mind and mouth.Many thanks.******** Thomas & Eileen,Kildare


  • The gloomy and dark days of my life have gone.I have got a new life!!!

      Thank you so much,Madhuri!!!  I suffered from anxiety and severe depression for the past 4 years .My GP and my psychiatrist put me on anti-depressants with very high dosage.I started developing nausea and headaches. A couple of months later I developed suicidal tendencies.I found myself deep into a pit.My family always supported me and wanted me to try an alternative route.One of our family friends recommended to see Dr. Madhuri. After a proper consultation,she advised me a few diet and lifestyle changes and also recommended Shirodhara sessions.It was a totally new experiece for me.I just could not believe,I am a totally changed person now.I look at my life from a different perspective.I am a very happy person now.I would definitely recommend Ayurveda.It has a lot to offer!!



  • Thank you so much Madhuri for the wonderful Abhyanga and Pinda Sweda session.All my body feels so lovely and light.I feel a lot energised and rejuvenated after the session.I will definitely recommend this and also come back again for another session.



  • I had severe upsets with my menstrual pattern.I had very painful periods.After having a consultation.I was advised to follow a diet pattern and  ayurvedic medication.I followed her advise and definately recommend Ayurveda  for a healthy lifestyle.All the pains have gone,my periods are more regular and my overall digestion and eating habits have improved.****Amanda Higgins,Rathgar








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