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Ayurvedic Consultations- Initial Consultation € 210 (90 min)

During a consultation your individual constitution and imbalances will be determined through pulse reading, tongue diagnosis, observation and discussion.Through a proper history taking,your diet, digestion, sleep patterns, energy levels, lifestyle, habits, emotions and emotional well being will be addressed. 

In accordance with your doshic findings, a personal program according to your dosha including lifestyle, diet, herbs, meditation, yoga and traditional ayurvedic treatments will be recommended.You will be advised on dietary aspects, quantity of intake, foods to avoid and lifestyle changes to incorporate into your daily routine.

Depending on the symptoms and primary concerns,you will be advised /recommended ayurvedic herbs,supplements, ayurvedic massage treatments etc.whichever are appropriate. 
Follow-up Consultations-€ 75 (45 min)


During a follow up, according to changes in presenting symptoms, additional nourishing and rejuvenation herbs and treatments may be advised.

*Any herbs, supplements recommended during the consultation will be charged extra

Please Note:


  • Kindly allow at least 24 hrs for any cancellations.

  • Payment by Bank transfers. For bank transfers, details will be provided at the time of booking via email only.

  • Kindly arrange for payment via bank transfer before attending the consultation Appointments will be confirmed after receipt of payment.

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